Music and Services

Guitar Performance

I have over 20 years of experience on the guitar and can play nearly anything you throw at me.  If you are in need of some session work, I will be happy to work with you.  I can also fill in for your band’s live performance if you are located in New York City.



I also have experience mixing and producing and have done so for a number of artists in a variety of styles.  If you have been wanting to record a professional sounding album on a budget, I can make that happen.  Every project is different, so please contact me for rates.


End of Days – SOTO (co-wrote, produced, and performed on)


Break – SOTO (co-wrote, produced, and performed on)


Burn On – House of Aaron (produced and performed on)


Oh The Glad Homecoming – House of Aaron (produced and performed on)


Composing and Arranging

Below are tracks I have composed and/or arranged.  I can write in most styles and have done so for small film and video game projects.  If you need something original written or something of yours arranged, please contact me for rates, especially if you want something orchestral done, but don’t have the budget to hire real performers–I have the software and know-how to create a lifelike performance!