MAGFest 2015!

One of my latest collaborations is the formation of the video game cover band The Tiberian Sons alongside Tony Dickinson, Max Noel, and Travis Moberg. We were very grateful to be chosen to play at MAGFest this year! Check out our latest rehearsal video and give our EP a listen!

New Wallpapers

Head over to the media tab for some more great wallpapers!  You can download two versions of the new dragon head logo–fire and ice!   And be sure to check out the artist behind the logo, Esipode:

Album Artwork Wallpapers

Like the artwork from the album?  Of course you did!  So download it as a desktop wallpaper here:   Special thanks to Dmitriy Prozorov for painting these for me.  Check out his other work here:  

New Album Title, Shadow of Agretor

After several delays, my album is very close to being released!  A few things have been reworked, including the new album title, Shadow of Agretor.  It is a concept album, but it also includes a few additional cover songs.  Shadow of Agretor will definitely be worth the wait!  Check back soon for the release!

Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

This year I am scheduled to be the featured artist at the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest!  You can catch me playing in the Grandstand on Sunday, September 2nd, after the competition performances.  Admission is free, and the talent show begins at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!